The Night Bazaar Launch Party

"All the stories contribute to a sense of otherworldly dread. Appealing to those who like their fantasy served with a side of psychological horror, this anthology is sure to entertain."

— Publisher's Weekly


Various mentions of a Night Bazaar appear throughout history in obscure and controversial works from around the world. A forbidden market which opens at midnight, closes before sunrise, and appears for one week . . . but never in the same venue each night, and never again in the same city. 

There’s just one catch: To f ind it, you must be Invited.

Tonight the Bazaar opens in a parking garage somewhere in Manhattan. A huge subterranean market fair of antique costumes, alchemical treatments, magical dentistry, palmistry, Tarot and tea leaf-reading, and water-, glass-, and crystalgazing, oddities and objets d’art, medical curiosities and strange instruments, erotic favors, time travel, and body alterations. The narrow aisles throng with jongleurs, freaks, charlatans, mountebanks, faeries, prostitutes, and acrobats. The scents of opium, perfume, tobacco, grease paint, incense, plastic explosive, alcohol, and sex permeate the air. But each object or service comes with a gift, a curse, or a haunting.

The Bazaar sells that which cannot be had elsewhere. Everything you’ve read about but thought had passed away, or never existed at all. But these eleven haunting tales will show how wrong you were!

Ah! It seems you've already spotted something you desire. But don’t head off that way, not just yet. You have all night . . . but not a moment more.

You Are One of The Invited.

Please join your host, Madam Vera, for a magical evening of victuals, libations, dancers, jugglers, body art, fortune telling, raffles, competitions, and unusual wares. All to celebrate the launch of an enchanting new volume titled THE NIGHT BAZAAR. This parchment admits one to the secret venue at Genetti's Inn and Oyster Tavern at 77 East Market Street . . . in the Princess Ballroom, of course. Celebrations, entertainment, bazaar shopping, and general imbibing will take place on Wednesday, 11 January, from 9 PM to 11 PM. Tell no one else of this! Come outfitted in your favorite frock, suit, or otherworldly attire. Complimentary masks will be bestowed upon the first 50 revelers to pass through our door. Present this invitation at the entrance when you arrive. You will receive in exchange a scrip to present to the Apothecary for discounted tonics and elixirs. 

Yours Most Sincerely, Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,

Madam Vera