From Publishers Weekly
Review published on 11/14/2016


Eleven Haunting Tales of Forbidden Wishes and Dangerous Desires
Northampton House Press 

In this dark fantasy anthology, editor Hart invites 11 authors to explore the concept of the Night Bazaar, a place where the magical intertwines with the everyday. The setting is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone in scope, and throughout the anthology there is the ever-present sense that something nasty is lurking around the corner. Jim Scheers’s wonderfully unsettling “Weekly Pass” follows a man who sees his own alternate lives unfold on an endless train line. Rich in creativity, “Whirl Away” by Carol MacAllister details the decline of a 40-something businessman as he relives the past in a series of haunted rental tuxedos. The most stunning piece is Edison McDaniels’s “The Least Detailed Plans of a Great and Complicated Apparatus,” a tale of a series of possessions convened by an ancient magical skull with the help of an overeager doctor. There are no pieces that seem out of place; all the stories contribute to a sense of otherworldly dread. Appealing to those who like their fantasy served with a side of psychological horror, this anthology is sure to entertain. (Feb 1.)

I first published two works of supernatural suspense under the pen name Elisabeth Graves. The first was BLACK RIVER (Putnam Berkley, 1994.) The tourist ads claim Florida is made up of beaches and theme parks and race tracks and shopping malls. But a bit of the old Florida still survives in rural areas and small towns, in thick palmetto and scrub pine woods, beneath dark, fast-flowing rivers . . .  After her husband's death in Miami Kay Abbot inherits his family's house in a small panhandle town. She's also inherited long-suppressed secrets, a creepy realtor, a wandering little girl, a local witch, and a husband who simply won't stay buried. "This panhandle is deliciously evil, the source of nightmares and zombies." (The Florida Times-Union.) BLACK RIVER has just been republished in a quality trade paper edition by Northampton House Press. The second Florida horror novel, DEVIL'S KEY, has only been published to date in Norway, but an English edition is forthcoming shortly from Northampton House Press.

Elisabeth Graves