As senior editor I read and assess novel and short story collection manuscripts (as well as memoirs, occasionally) to be considered for publication. We are particularly interested in unpublished work by recent graduates of MFA programs, but will consider unagented work. However, before sending us anything be sure to check the submission requirements on NHP's website at We have no bias against any genre and will consider them all, whether written for Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Reader (for our OVERDUE BOOKS imprint) categories. We do not do picture books.

Our basic requirements are both simple and demanding: We want to publish thoughtful, entertaining, well-written work, period. But we ARE very particular about the quality of the writing. We will immediately return manuscripts which have clearly not been well-crafted or revised, edited, proofed, or put into the correct traditional format. Typos, grammatical, and homonym errors give us a terrible headache instantly. If we do accept a manuscript for publication we will work with the writer to a reasonable extent. But our philosophy is, the author must take most responsibility for learning the craft. So if any of this sounds confusing or strange, you may need to learn more about writing and publishing before submitting a manuscript.


I have on occasion done editing work, not under the auspices of NHP, as a "book doctor" of fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. It's a very time-consuming process, though, and so I prefer to do it mainly for my students in the MFA program or in the Virginia workshop. I will only work on a project if the subject matter really interests me. If you want to inquire about help with a manuscript, please email me at